Hard Fault Handler



I am facing Hard Fault issue while writing data over TWI.


nRF52832 SDK for Mesh V3.2.0

nRFSDK V16.0

Hardware board - nRF52 Development Kit

Windows 7 64 Bit

TWI slave device - Touch Sensor

I am trying interface nRF52832 with Touch Sensor over TWI. In this process I was expected to write around 15-20 control resistors of Touch sensor.

But I am able to transmit/write only single byte over TWI after that nRF52 remains in the Hard Fault Handler.

Before initiating write sequence I have ensured controller is free from TWI activity with the help of function "nrf_drv_twi_is_busy()".

Please guide to resolve this Hard Fault issue.

Thanks & Regards,


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