Read Manufacturer Specific ZigBee Cluster Attribute SmartThings

I am working with a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor connected to a nRF52840-DK running the ZigBee CLI as a coordinator.  I am able to have the sensor join the network and I can interact with all of the ZigBee defined clusters but I can't seem to interact with the manufacturing specific cluster.  As you can see below the device has 1 endpoint and supports the following device type and clusters.

> zdo active_ep 0xad65
> src_addr=AD65 ep=1 


zdo simple_desc_req 0xad65 1
> src_addr=0xAD65 ep=1 profile_id=0x0104 app_dev_id=0x402 app_dev_ver=0x0 in_clusters=0x0000,0x0001,0x0003,0x0020,0x0402,0x0500,0x0B05,0xFC02 out_clusters=0x0003,0x0019 


I am trying to read the accelerometer values from the sensor which are stored in the 0xFC02 cluster.  I gathered this from the SmartThings developer site.  Every time I try and read the attribute I get an error. 

zcl attr read 0xad65 1 0xFC02 0x0104 0x0010
> Error: status 134

I noticed on the developer site that when they read and write the 0xFC02 cluster they also include a manufacture code, see line 404 on the developer link. I tried using the manufacture code in place of the profile ID but that didn't work as the request just times out.

zcl attr read 0xad65 1 0xFC02 0x1241 0x0010
> Error: request timed out.

How do I include this code in the CLI or the Zboss stack?