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advertising phy coded s8 long range stops at nearly 20m built

Hi there,
I have been testing my ble long range app with coded phy (s8), with extended advertising etc. for a few weeks now. Only adv and scan are used. Works well, only the range is almost the same as it is in the 1M phy.

I don't understand that, so I read about it at SIG.

Now I understand that on channels 37, 38, 39 (data rate is 1M phy, not 1M / 8) a pointer points to the data channel that transmits with s8 (125k)? And channels 37, 38, 39 continue to work with 1M?

Is that correct? Because if channel 37, 38, 39 still works with 1M, where is the benefit? Or did I get it wrong.
On scan_report the ch_index has values ​​between 0 and 35 and an rssi between -40db (very close) and -95db (approx. 20m built).
best regards