Using NCS 1.2 SMP_SVR example compiled with custom board DT


I am using NCS 1.2 with Zephyr SMP_SVR example compiling with my own board DTS and using MCUBOOT

I have my own partitions configured in my DTS (attached down at the bottom of this message)

I understood that NCS is using PM (Partition manager and overrides this DTS configuration

In such case as read here:

I should config the desired partitions under the PM.yml of the child (which is the bootloader MCUboot)

I don't that this is the right way to do it - I might be missing something.

Another thing I tried is entering menuconfig of the application (smp_svr) and search PM there, I only got:

Which I don't really understand how to use/configure

Bottom line, I want to understand what is the correct way and how should I configure the flash partitions for bootloader, slot-0 slot-1 scratch and storage to match the muli-build of smp_svr example build with mcuboot

boot_partition: partition@0 {
label = "mcuboot";
reg = <0x00000000 0x0000C000>;
slot0_partition: partition@c000 {
label = "image-0";
reg = <0x0000C000 0x000036000>;
slot1_partition: partition@42000 {
label = "image-1";
reg = <0x00042000 0x000036000>;
scratch_partition: partition@78000 {
label = "image-scratch";
reg = <0x00078000 0x00008000>;
storage_partition: partition@80000 {
label = "storage";
reg = <0x00080000 0x00080000>;