Secure DFU: Isn't upgrading firmware with custom files

Hello there,

I am working on secure dfu. I followed all the steps mentioned in this post and successfully created the secure .zip file.

Here's what I did(In this order):

  • Loaded Softdevice 6.1.1
  • Flashed "secure_bootloader_ble_s140_pca10056" into DK
  • Used nRF Connect app on my iOS device to upgrade the application.

Here's what is happening:

  • If I use any file from "secure_dfu_test_images", everything is being upgraded correctly. New appication is working as expected.
  • If I use the .hex file from /project/pca10056/blank/ses/Output/Debug/Exe and create a secure .zip file with nrfutil and try to upgrade the application, the upgrade is complete on nRF Connect App. Then LEDs will be off and nothing happens. On restart, nothing boots up - neither BLE nor new App code.
  • If I manually flash the same .hex file using ses -> Target -> Download File -> Intel Hex(After clearing all memory), the application code is working okay. So, it's not Application problem.

It'd be fantastic if you can help me understand what's going on here and tell me how to fox this.



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