running bluetooth scanning and beacon nrfconnect examples on NRF5340


Our ultimate goal is to use transmit, and scan beacons to find the angle of arrival using bluetooth's 5.1+ feature. I installed the nRFConnect software and download toolchain. With toolchain came segger embedded studio.

I was able to configure j-link commandeer to unsecure the device, and I was able to run a hello world program on my device using the "open nrf connect sdk project" section in the segger.

Afterwards, I chose the "scan_adv" project, and ran it in my device. It printed the first statements; however, it seems that it goes into an infinite loop, or infinite wait when it comes to the bt_enable() function. This function is supposed to initialize the bluetooth of the device, I think. But, my program from the built in example gets stuck in an infinite loop.

Does anyone know why this happens? Can you give instructions in detail that I can follow? I'm new in the nordic community, so my background is limited.

  • Hi Kevin

    What version of the nRF5340 DK do you have, and what NCS (nRFConnect SDK) version have you downloaded and built?

    If you have the most recent HW version, you should use the latest tag of NCS. Please also check out the nRF5340 DK user guide if you haven't already to make sure everything is set up correctly. Remember that the nRF5340 has two cores, and you will have to flash data onto the application and Network core in order to get examples running the radio working.

    As for direction finding, we don't have any publicly available example projects yet, but you should check out the our Whitepaper on Direction finding to get familiar/started with AoA.

    Best regards,


  • Hey,

    Thanks for the explanation. I'm using the nrfconnect 3.6.1, and installed toolchain 0.9.1 via the nrfconnect platform. i did check the user guide, and even ran a hello world program, and got the output over the serial channel on putty. Speaking of the device version, I don't see any other information than the label nRF5340-DK. What should I do?

    Btw, is toolchain the right path to take?

    Best Regards.

  • Okay, so the Hello World sample is working as intended, but not the samples using the radio, correct? If so, it's likely as I said, that you have to flash the Network core as well. If you're new to the nRF Connect SDK, I suggest checking out our nRFConnect SDK tutorial here.

    If you're new to the Nordic development scene the toolchain manager is the recommended route to go indeed.

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  • That sounds very reasonable. However, how do I load the application into the network core using toolchain and segger? I wasn't able to see that in the tutorial link you gave me. 

  • Hi again

    This is just the intro to the 3-part NCS tutorial, which should cover the entirety of how to get started with NCS development, and I strongly suggest that if you're new to the nRF Connect SDK, you go through it to get off the ground with the development process. 

    The quick way would be to just follow the "Building and programming a sample" in the nRFConnect SDK documentation here, which shows how to program the network and application cores of the nRF53 either using SES or the command line.

    Best regards,