nRF9160DK onboard SD-card connector


There is a microSD connector on the bottom of the nRF9160DK (v.1.0.2). Is there a way to utilize it as an external memory? I can't find any information about it on the documentation/DevZone.

Pin3 on the reader seems to connect to pin125 on the SiP if I short SB2, however, on the documentation this pin is labeled as "Reserved". Does this mean the pin cannot be used yet? If so, is it possible to solder a jumper wire from the reader side of the bridge to a GPIO pin and use it instead? Can the rest of the pins connecting the reader be used? They seem to be connected to GPIO-pins 0.21-0.25, but also to U18.

It could be useful for logging data for extended periods without the need to be connected to a PC.

Thanks in advance!