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If I use nrf Connnect SDK 1.6.1 and Zephyr, which Bluetooth QDID should I use?

I'm sorry my English is not good enough.

We are currently looking into a BLE project that will act as a peripheral using Zephyr, which is included in the nrf Connect SDK 1.6.1.

The SOC to be used is nrf52832.

I learned that if I wanted to commercialize a BLE project that would function as this peripheral, I would need a QDID for the Controller Subsystem.

However, looking at the Nordic documentation, it appears that there is no Zephyr QDID that corresponds to nrf connect SDK1.6.1.

Nordic 52832 QDID

I have a question.

1. When I use Zephyr included in nrf connect SDK1.6.1, will the QDID used for product registration to SIG be either "170216" or "150092"?

2. Or, if I use Zephyr included in nrf connect SDK1.6.1, does that mean I can't register my product to SIG because I don't have Zephyr's QDID?

3. Or, if I want to use a project with Zephyr included in nrf connect SDK for product registration to SIG, can I apply for product registration since nrf Connect SDK 1.3.2 has Zephyr's QDID (150092)?

I'm sorry, but I need your help.