signature verification of application during secure boot and check condition to jump to DFU or application

Hi guys,

i am using nrf52840 controller. 

and in that i have mbe at 0x0000000 location.

i have two bootloader stage. that boot1 and boot 2.

boot 1 i am using to validate the bootloader 2 using signature verfication.

and once control reached to the boot2 then i want to verifiy the signature of my application and also want to check whether need to stay in dfu mode or should jump to application part.

For Boot2 i am using "nRF5_SDK_17.1.0_ddde560\examples\dfu\secure_bootloader" example code.

Can someone guide me to resolve this

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    No that part i have not tested with my key and signature. because previously i faced some issue while using "nrf_crypto_ecdsa_verify" this API for verification. 

    After that i contact with nordic team they suggest me to use "nrf_dfu_validation_signature_check" this one. but now i have issue with my hardware , it went bad. hopefully today will receive new hardware and then i will perform DFU operation using my public key and signature .

    i have one more doubt but before that i want to test it on the hardware.


    Rohit Saini