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Creation of custom DTS file for describing custom device connections


I need to create a custom dts for a custom board where I need to define the pins used for interfacing to some external devices. The generic "gpio-leds"/"gpio-keys", to my best understanding, do not feed my needs as I need more values per entry.

I would like to be able to create something like:

// Just for illustration, everything is hypothetical.
/ {
    model = "Huge bird detector NRF52832";
    compatible = "savanna,struthio-camelus-detector";
    detectors {
		compatible = "sc-detector";
		// Definition of first channel
		det0: det_0 {
		    irqpin = <&gpio0 13 (GPIO_PULL_UP | GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW)>;
		    // ainpin and dettype are integer values, ainpin is an index
		    // into an ADC channel, dettype is just a flag.
			ainpin = <1>;
			dettype = <1>
			label = "S-C detector channel 1";
	// ...etc...

Where can I find detailed information covering this topic and, possibly, some examples?

I'm using nRF Connect SDK version 1.9.1 and Visual Studio Code.

Thanks a lot in advance.