51822 bluetooth


Using 51822 with BLE stack, I was faced with the problem of low transfer rates (5kb) on my android device (phone). It is very slow.

Can work 51822 with standart Bluetooth (not BLE)?

  • Hi Kristin,

    We are working on Android and iOS apps. Currently using S3 with Android 4.3 and Note to communicate with nRF51822. Baud rate of 19200bps for our serial communication.

    Q1. How can we synchronize the transmission of 4 packets per connection interval? Based on sample code nRFUART, do we send out consecutively packet of 20 bytes after previous packet was sent out using writeRXCharacteristic ? Or should it pause for 10ms before sending out the next packet?

    Q2. We have encountered abnormal behavior on S3 and Note after using writeRXCharacteristic at time interval of 20ms or lower. Is there a way to read transmission status in Android app before using writeRXCharacteristic to send out 20 bytes?

    Q3. In our project, data size transmitted can be more than 100kbytes. Is there any further recommendation on Android and iOS app that we need to take note in order to increase data rate and avoid abnormality behavior on devices?

    Thank you.

    Regards, Paul

  • Hi Kristin, I am working on a sensor device using S110 and I am looking for the peer central device(e.g. smartphone, tablet or PC) to which S110 can send 6 packets at each connection interval.If you do not mind, could you tell me about the peer device you used for S110 thoughput measurement as mentioned "table 15 of section 7 Radio Notification on S110 nRF51822 SoftDevice Specification v1.3".