problem in first step using sdk 17


I try to follow yours instruction for first steps FOR SDK 17.1.0 :

1. in step 4 I look for hex file for the nrf52833 (pca10100) the file do not exist, so I tried to use ble_center\ble_app_hrs_c and put in the jlink drive 

2. in step 8 I didn't find the HRM, I tried to use heart rate but the deviCe was not detected (Bluetooth in my phone enabled)

3. I tried to setup Segger toolchain and tried to build the ble_app_hrs_c example.  I get error __vfprintf.h no such file or directory. after checking dev zone I exclude from build the file SEGGER_RT_Syscalls_SES.c , compilation pass but linking failed, get error .text is larger than specification size, .rodata is larger than specification size

Hope you can solve my first steps problem and fix your documentation if needed