Stack overflow in aws_connection_poll_thread during OTA update


When working with AWS and AWS FOTA updates I ran into an issue where the stack would overflow when attempting to download from the AWS bucket. It seems like this is related to the use of pre-signed paths. For example the 'signing' portion of the path that must be attached to the job document in my case is a little over 1500 characters. The library appears to be hard-coded to a stack size of 3072 (or 4096 if QEMU_X86 is defined). 

I changed the value in the library up to 4096 and confirmed that works, but I'm wondering if there's a better way to get around it. Is there a configuration in the config file I could set somewhere (It doesn't seem like it). Is my pre-signed path exceptionally long? Are pre-signed paths necessary?

In the short term I can use the edited library, but I'm wondering if there's any better options.