BDX transfer timeout in Matter OTA DFU


I followed the youtube tutorial ( How to go to market with Matter ) from the Nordic Semiconductors youtube channel. I have followed all the instructions on testing the matter OTA device firmware update. I am using

- Nrf52840 DK with the matter lock app built and flashed

- Openthread Border router on Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Nrf52840 dongle as RCP

    - v2.3.0 nrf toolchain and rcp coprocessor code

    - hash a892bf7 for otbr-posix

- A laptop running the OTA provider linux app

    - sudo out/chip-ota-provider-app -f ./examples/lock-app/nrfconnect/build/zephyr/matter.ota -p 5

- Same laptop running chip-tool

    - sudo out/chip-tool otasoftwareupdaterequestor announce-otaprovider 1 0 0 0 2 0

I can commission the end device and the ota provider and I can start the DFU process. However, I am constantly running into a BDX transfer timeout issue which I suspect is being caused by sending such BDX over thread.

Are there any recommendations to prevent the timing out of the BDX transfer? By the way, I really want to get the matter standard way working not the proprietary method from Nordic Semi

Many thanks