What is the markup format used for DevZone posts?

What is the markup format used for formatting DevZone posts?

In particular I couldn't determine how to format inline monospaced text.  The editor used to enter this message has a different set of editor actions allowing the format to be changed (eg. Set a default font), but this is not available in the editor used for normal DevZone questions.

It would be nice to add a 'help' popup in the post editor which lists markup options so that users could better format their posts.

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  • It seems strange to me that the editors are different between these two operations

    Indeed it does.

    I'd also like the extra formatting options when replying to questions


    Also, in theses blog posts, highlighting text pops-up a 'Quote' button - but that does nothing!

    You first have to start a reply, then the quote will go into that.

    This is different to how it works on the main forum.

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