HELP ! How to view DevZone? How see notes!!!!!!

funny ... the first three items on the DevZone list are questions, e.g., "How to Use the DevZone? ...", yet are not links, so there is nothing to do there.

I want to simply view the outstanding posts to DevZone, (including my own), but can't. 

Someone help me out here.


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  • Hi Dave,

    they are definitely links.... to see outstanding public tickets in the DevZone, click "Nordic Support" in the top menu or go to this page:

    All tickets with question marks next to them, are unanswered.

    To see a list of only your own tickets, log in and click on your avatar in the top right corner.
    You should see an item called "my tickets" - click on this to see al ist of your own public and private tickets.



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