how to register a ticket


i have received email from Nordic. 

i was trying to register a ticket at DevZone . However , i can't find it. please provide more information so i can try it again. Thanks!

Dear Customer,


We are pleased to inform you that we just released an updated version of the HomeKit SDK.

This is a bug fix release. For more details please read the release notes.


This release is only available to verified MFI licensees on latest MFI contract: v6.6.

If you are on earlier contract version, please interact with your Apple MFI contact to upgrade to latest contract. When your license has been upgraded, please register a ticket at DevZone: to allow us to open up for access to the latest release.


Best regards,

Technical support

Nordic Semiconductor ASA

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  • Hi Tony!
    Please click on your avatar in the top right corner of this webpage.
    In the appearing dropdown, find "my tickets" - all your tech support tickets are there. Private AND public.

    Regarding Apple MFI, please create a new private support request by clicking the "Support + " button the top grey banner of this page.
    Then choose "Private tech support". Note that you need to complete your profile to do this. 

    the DevZone team

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