What is this horrible new "Documentation Library"?!

Replacing the old Infocentre:

It's dreadful!

  • That nasty menu bar which comes down whenever you scroll UP - and will not go away until you scroll DOWN
  • The navigation and content panes cannot be scrolled independently
  • Clicking in the navigation pane does not take you to a sensible place in the selected content in the content pane
  • The layout of the code documentation is a confusing mess
  • etc, etc, ...

I cannot see any benefit at all.

  • The SDK Documnetation page does not scale well:

    Note the vast amount of wasted whitespace on the left, and yet the 'View' and 'Download' links have wrapped and are no longer under their titles - even though it looks like there is plenty of room.

    Also, it makes no sense to me to have older versions in a hierarchy under the current version:

    oh, and look at that: the links for the older versions are properly aligned!!

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