What is this horrible new "Documentation Library"?!

Replacing the old Infocentre:

It's dreadful!

  • That nasty menu bar which comes down whenever you scroll UP - and will not go away until you scroll DOWN
  • The navigation and content panes cannot be scrolled independently
  • Clicking in the navigation pane does not take you to a sensible place in the selected content in the content pane
  • The layout of the code documentation is a confusing mess
  • etc, etc, ...

I cannot see any benefit at all.

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  • I think I'll get used to the new layout, but my main issue with this change is that loading the Documentation pages is SLOW.

    The old Infocenter was usable online, as clicking on a link opened the new page practically instantly. Now it seems to vary from instant to several seconds. Its just like the DevZone! You never know how long it will take to open a link.

    And I was going to add that downloading the offline documentation doesn't work, but while typing this the download did in fact complete! After maybe 3-4 minutes at ~99% complete.