Infocenter, gone but not forgotten

The new infocenter looks great but I was productive with the old Infocenter. Is it still around under a different URL?

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  • The new infocenter lacks the heirarchy display along the left side.  Like the ARM site, Nordic's use of frames was not only functional but represented one of the few use cases where frames worked. The layout was much easier to work with.

    I used that default view *all the time* to find out where to go, then to drill down, then to back out to something that was closer to what I needed. If Nordic's not abandoning doxygen why not keep the functionality - it doesn't cost anything if you're doxygened anyway -  but hide it away somewhere to appease those who want things shiny and viewable on phones but where old cranks like me can still get at it.

    On the other hand it's much harder to find out info so it makes those of us who've learned the API more valuable as consultants...hmmmm

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