How do I subscribe to an issue in the Backstage forum?

While posting my first question over at the "main" forum I found the UI extremely confusing. There is a box called "Ask a question", so I wrote my question there. Apparently you should not do that.

There is a ticket about that behavior here at backstage:

While reading the ticket I see that it has not been solved, and that there are a number of subscribers - how do I become a subscriber?

On the main forum there is a button called "I have this question too" which I think solves it, but that option does not exist in the backstage forum.

  • Hi!
    You cannot subscribe to the NOrdic Q&A itself.

    But threads are automaticlly subsribed to when you post something in them. You can also add bookmarks.

    The same is the case for the backstage (this forum). Here, you can also subscribe to the entire forum.

    You can also add bookmarks.