Private email addresses are exposed in the forum

It appears to me that some members in the devzone technical forum have their email addresses exposed by the Nordic site.

For example, in this forum thread

clicking on user name  IN THE REPLY takes me to, suggesting that his/her email is

The user link in my reply is, and my email is

Interestingly, some users such as awneil have a non-email link like this:

 It is also interesting that the user link in the original posting is different from the user link in replies: and respectively.

I hope this is enough information for you to fix this bug.

Best regards,


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  • Hi Richard,

    at least this is how it appears in this particular case.

    "Pablitorun" and "Pablitorun" are two different users.
    Their screen names are the same, but different usernames.
    In the old devzone, the user named his account "".
    They are most likely migrated from mypage and devzone, and the user never merged the two accounts.
    But have been using them interchangeably in that thread.
    telligent translates the "@" to "_4000_".

    If you check your own threads, you will see that the path in your OP name and your replies, are the same.


    It is possible for an admin to change usernames, thus the path.
    The same was the case in the old devzone, though: Usernames became profile paths.
    And these names were never requested changed.