How to @Mention Names With Spaces


Although the forum allows names with spaces - eg, "" - the automatic lookup when you type the '@' to mention someone does not work with spaces!

  • It's worse than that!

    The forum allows two different users to have the same name - and the @ mention feature can't cope with that!


  • Just found another one!

    User "" has a "display" name with a space - so that can't be @ Mentioned.

    But the "hidden" name is "nyp-nb_2d00_iot" - which also cannot be @ Mentioned because it has a hyphen in !!

  • This seems to be an inherent fault in the underlying forum software.

    ARM have just started using what appears to be exactly the same product for their Keil forum - and it has exactly the same issue!

    The problem is compounded by the fact that the list of suggestions seems to be just a random selection from all the names which contain the string in any position.

    Here's a Keil example:

    So the list would be a lot more useful if it prioritised:

    1. The search string at the beginning of the name;
    2. Names of contributors to the current thread.
    3. Where the string occurs as (the start of) a complete word - rather than any substring anywhere within any word.

    Again, this looks like an underlying flaw in the 3rd-party product - so, presumably, outside Nordic's control?

    But perhaps you could pass this on to the supplier?