Terms of service

Hey guys,

just wanted to mention that I tweaked phrasing the Terms of Service point 4 and 5:


Just recently had a chat w/a user that was reluctant to submit stuff on the DevZone because of the clause in point 4 about public posts.
It all turned out to be a misunderstanding related to unclear terms in the TOS.
So I changed the phrasing slightly, and think now that points 4 and 5 together should be pretty clear.
The bottom line is that we reserve the right to keep your public posts public - for absolute confidentiality you must post a private support ticket.

If you were not aware take a look at the DevZone terms of service:


The upside of this clause is that everyone gets to benefit from the answers and discussion that you spawn when posting something - including yourself the next time you need a quick answer!
So in general, public posts are encouraged.



P.S.The DevZone Terms of Service is something that every users agrees to when registering an account: