Hi Team,

You are doing a great job answering all the questions posted in this support channel. But things would be much easier for you if the information which is spread across a number of tickets would be complied into neatly arranged documentation according to the SDK versions. As the number of tickets is increasing it is also becoming difficult for the developers working with the nrf chips to go through some 8k-10k tickets searching for answers. Answering to questions by pasting links to other tickets (pointing to old tickets or tickets answering questions to older SDK versions, etc..) isnt going to save time, its redundant work for both sides - for the developer & for the support team and I'm sure most developers search for solutions for their issues in the support channel first before posting their question & after they post their question to do some troubleshooting at their end. Also, most tickets have expired links. Thanks, this is just a suggestion, might reduce your load & might provide the developers with easy access to important documentation!