A presentation on how nRF51 DFU works


I attached here some slides that we used in our technical seminar for Device Firmware Update.

Download the presentation here: DFU_SDKv8.0_Pub.pdf

The presentation covers:

  • What DFU is and what bootloader does
  • Two types of DFU, single bank and dual bank update
  • Some animation explaining how DFU works on both cases
  • How do we do Softdevice update
  • DFU's commands sequence chart

It was heavily based on the SDK documentation you can find here. There are much more detailed information in the documentation.

I exported the presentation to pdf, with splitting for animation, so it should be best viewed in Single page mode.

An video export (no audio) is also included in the following link which has better animation generated that the pdf file couldn't cover.


Please let me know if you have any question on the presentation.

Useful links:

- Common DFU Q&A