How do I know where I should ask my question?

Nordic Semiconductor offer two gateways for asking questions about anything connected to their products, the MyPage support portal and Nordic Developer Zone. Questions in the support portal are only visible to, and answered by the application engineers in the Nordic Semiconductor’s support team. Questions in Nordic Developer Zone can be answered by anyone, the support team, other developers, and even yourself. Questions in the MyPage support portal are private, while in Nordic Developer Zone they are public.

Please search the Nordic Developer Zone before asking. Your question may be answered already. This gives you the answer faster, and limits redundancy. Please remember to vote. Votes on QUESTIONS tells the users which questions that are great and useful.

The main reason for asking a question on Nordic Developer Zone is that it, and its answer(s), could be helpful to others. This is very important to remember.

If you ask a question in the MyPage support portal and it turns out that it could be helpful to others, please consider doing the community a favor, by asking the question and answering it yourself, in the Nordic Developer Zone.

It is also important to think of how you should ask your question, how you should not ask your question, and how you should use comments.