Introduce smart motion controller - ELIO

"ELIO" is a Bluetooth module and smartphone application that can drive motor(DC, Servo) and illuminate LEDs.

This module mounts Nordic's nRF52832 and motor controller IC.

Smartphone application can create/modify their own model using model-editor.

image description

The key point is

  1. No coding!!! Just plug & play.

    Plug DC motor, Servo motor and LED to ELIO and control. PWM channel is adopted and this can speed up from -100% ~ 100%. image description

  2. Model editor

    There are so many models in real-world. Car, Tank, Boat ... These toys are different in their control. A tank has 2 DC motor, Car has DC motor to speed-up and servo motor to change its direction. ELIO smartphone application has a model editing feature to make these different model.

    Just drag your controller in the screen, drag motor or led and drop to the controller. Also, we have controllers like up-down, left-right, slider and button. image description

It sounds lke ridiculous but coding and electronic knowledge is not required.

We started funding in Indiegogo and if you would like to pre-order please visit campaign page.