Programming nRF52832 boards in Python with Zerynth

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Released in December 2016, the new Bluetooth 5 offers truly exciting possibilities for home, industry, and commerce as well as the more traditional areas of wearables and personal devices historically associated with Bluetooth.

Nordic’s nRF52832 is a Bluetooth 5-ready SoC that combines an ARM Cortex-M4F microprocessor with a 2.4GHz multiprotocol radio, supporting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Zerynth provides a platform for programming nRF52832 boards in Python using paradigms and features typical of personal computer (PC) and mobile programming.

The Zerynth Stack

Enabling the use of Python for Microcontrollers and embedded solutions, Zerynth allows:

  • Time to Market Reduction
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability

All this is possible thanks to the Zerynth Stack. The main components are:

  • ZERYNTH STUDIO: a cross-platform IDE for developing your Python or hybrid C/Python code and managing your boards. It includes a compiler, debugger and an editor, alongside tutorials and example projects for an easy learning experience. You can download Zerynth Studio and get started with one of the supported boards for free!

  • ZERYNTH VIRTUAL MACHINE: a multithreaded real-time OS that provides real hardware independence allowing code reuse on a wide set of 32bit microcontrollers. The VM supports most high-level features of Python like modules, classes, multi-threading, callback, timers and exceptions. In addition to these, it allows using custom hardware-related features like interrupts, PWM, digital I/O, and a large number of libraries: from connectivity to sensors and actuators.

  • ZERYNTH ADVANCED DEVICE MANAGER: a device manager compatible with many cloud providers (like Azure, Kinetis, Bluemix, Amazon), exposing a simple API based interface for data gathering, actuation and mobile integration.

  • ZERYNTH APP: a general purpose interface for Zerynth-powered objects that turns any mobile into the controller and display for smart objects and IoT systems. You do not need to write any separate code for Android or iOS.

From prototyping to production

The free version of Zerynth Studio allows you to use all the features you need to prototype your BLE solutions but you can program for free up to 5 units of each supported board. You can unlock this limit with the Zerynth Studio PRO version (available from June 28, 2017), that will also include industrial-grade features like:

  • Selectable RTOS;
  • Over the Air update development;
  • Hardware-driven Secured Firmware burned on the device at industrial volumes;
  • … and much more

At the following link you can find a getting started with Zerynth and RedBearLab boards (based on Nordic NRF52832) with some examples to explain 2 features of Zerynth through the LED blinking example: multithreading and code reuse.: