Nrf51822, arduino IDE Hex, uploading nrfgo

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asked 2017-03-30 01:01:52 +0100

Hi everyone on the community.

I've been struggling trying to upload the hex file created by arduino using redbear nrf arduino fork on a NRF51822 -v2 board that is being sold at ebay.

the hex file size is around 30kb, while the s130 softdevice on the fork is 300kb (based on sdk10).

I thought that by uploading the OTA ready bootloader hex file from redbear i would be able to use the android app to upload the code... but it may seem that i need to use a button at some gpio to enter in that state?

Neverless... at this point i'm stuck, and wondering if by using nordic merge hex file i could merge a valid file from redbear bootloader hex and "arduino app" hex in a single file to upload it through nrfgo with j-link.

Any help would be appreciated

Project: nrf51822 to drive fastled library, accessing SD card, and using old school ESB.

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answered 2017-03-30 15:14:06 +0100

I would suggest you to also post your question on RedBearlab forum.

You can have a look here for DFU documentation. I'm not sure if your bootloader is the same as that one.

If you already flash the bootloader, you may need to use the bootloader to flash your application , not nRFGo Studio. If you don't flash the bootloader, then you can simply flash the softdevice then flash the application using nRFGoStudio.

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