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asked 2017-08-01 13:04:48 +0200

After some effort, I have managed to build the beaconing example that's missing from the examples.emProject of the ble_mesh_v0.9.1-Alpha SDK. I have this running on the PCA10028 and it's advertising. How do I now use the mesh part? How do I provision this in the mesh network?

I have also had the serial example working with the interactive_pyaci script. However, the documentation just talks for provisioning two serial connected devices. How can this be used to provision the meshed beacon?



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HI Simon, I think that you're better off starting with the light_control examples as they already include the provisioning part.

Bjørn Spockeli ( 2017-08-03 16:25:57 +0200 )editconvert to answer

Thanks, but I want to provision devices with the beacon example firmware, not light firmware.

Simon Judge ( 2017-08-03 16:28:59 +0200 )editconvert to answer

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thomas.stenersen gravatar image

answered 2017-08-11 21:55:12 +0200

Hi Simon,

I quickly tried to combine the light control server with the beaconing example, I can't really test it out right now, but it compiles fine and should give you the basic idea :)



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I tested it, it works! Thank you.

aaronxu ( 2017-08-19 11:15:11 +0200 )editconvert to answer

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