nRF52 fall project when MITM = 1.

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asked 2017-10-12 16:17:18 +0100

SDK13, S132

Project stopped after start. I use standart initialization:

static void peer_manager_init(void)
ble_gap_sec_params_t sec_param;
ret_code_t err_code;

err_code = pm_init();

memset(&sec_param, 0, sizeof(ble_gap_sec_params_t));

sec_param.bond              = SEC_PARAM_BOND;
sec_param.mitm              = SEC_PARAM_MITM;
sec_param.lesc              = SEC_PARAM_LESC;
sec_param.io_caps           = SEC_PARAM_IO_CAPABILITIES;
sec_param.oob               = SEC_PARAM_OOB;
sec_param.min_key_size      = SEC_PARAM_MIN_KEY_SIZE;
sec_param.max_key_size      = SEC_PARAM_MAX_KEY_SIZE;
sec_param.kdist_own.enc     = 1;
sec_param.kdist_own.id      = 1;
sec_param.kdist_peer.enc    = 1;
sec_param.kdist_peer.id     = 1;

err_code = pm_sec_params_set(&sec_param);

err_code = pm_register(pm_evt_handler);


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addition: I use

#define BLE_GAP_IO_CAPS_NONE              0x03   /**< No I/O capabilities. */

can I use MITM with this setting? I want use MITM without any passkey entry.

Mikhail ( 2017-10-12 16:33:58 +0100 )editconvert to answer

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answered 2017-10-13 09:23:36 +0100


Please take a look at the Peer Manager Security parameters page here for a list over required security parameters for common use cases. You can use MITM without passkey entry, if you use OOB(out-of-band) bonding.

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