How to update J-Link OB-SAM3U128-V2-NordicSemi 170724.bin on nrf52832 [closed]

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asked 2017-10-13 05:49:15 +0100

I use nrf52832 on my own board, and I don't know how to update the J-Link OB bin file to nrf52832. I want to use j-link OB for debugging.

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answered 2017-10-13 06:37:52 +0100

Your question doesn't make much sense. You don't update the JLink OB software to the nRF52832, it runs on the separate debugging chip (an Atmel) on the development kit.

You can use the DK to program your custom board, but you don't put the OB software on your board, you just connect up SWDCLK,SWDIO,VCC and GND and it will program through to your board ... or you buy a segger which can be fairly cheap.

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Thank you very much, I use another jlink ob board to connect to nrf52832, and when i use j-link v6.16c,it give a warning prompt "The connected j-link is defective", and i use jlink v5.12f, when i use keil to download hex file to board, and a pop-up dialog box appears "The firmware of the connected J-Link does not support the following memory access:Read @0x02000004 Flags:via AHB-AP"

mark ( 2017-10-13 07:14:48 +0100 )editconvert to answer

Hi mark,

Please update your j-link drivers and try again. The v5.12f version is very old.

Sigurd ( 2017-10-13 09:44:10 +0100 )editconvert to answer

Thanks, I change another kind of j-link device, it works well with the j-link V6.20b driver.

mark ( 2017-10-13 12:21:04 +0100 )editconvert to answer

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