USB BULK Example of nRF52840 & S140 (v6.0.0-6) & SDK14.1

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Are there any examples of SDK examples that work with USB BULK communication?

Which example should I use to make usbd_hid_generic example work with BULK communication?

Context flow may not be smooth using Google Translate. Thank you.

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answered 2017-11-15 12:51:58 +0100

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The USB Mass Storage Class example uses bulk transfers, so you can take a look at that example if you are interested in bulk transfers. The usbd_hid_generic example does not use bulk transfers, since the HID specification defines that HID class devices should use Interrupt transfers and not bulk transfers.

From page 82 in the Device Class Definition for Human Interface Devices (HID) Specification

A device may have one or more Interrupt pipes. An Interrupt In pipe is used for stream-type data from the device and an optional Interrupt Out pipe may be used for low latency data to the device. Other types of pipes include Bulk and Isochronous. These two types of pipes are not used by HID class devices and are therefore not defined for use within this specification.

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