Nordic Bluetooth 5 (nRF52832)

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asked 2017-11-20 07:38:32 +0100

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Hi , I would like to know about Bluetooth 5 compatibility with smart phones having Bluetooth 4.x The observation is-

a)the android application scanning for BLE device finds the device with Bluetooth 4.2 faster where as app is taking long time to find Bluetooth 5 device visibility.

b)Bluetooth 5- We have the default advertising interval of 40ms- then we are suppose to get atleast 10+ callbacks in a sec(as it broadcasts 25 adv packets per second). But android is not getting even a single callback for seconds but works fine for some seconds where as same works fine with Bluetooth 4.x.

Seems like this is due to Version incompatibility (android devices with Bletooth 4.x and hardware Nordic Bluetooth 5)

There is a solution mentioned Have a look on the question asked in Nordic devzone-- https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/questi...

Let me know how to use 1Mbps on Bluetooth 5 to have GAP and Gatt working as it does in Bluetooth 4.x or some other way to have back compatibility and also about is this changes supports longer range. If you want any clarification please get back.

Thanks in advance Pavan

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answered 2017-11-20 09:07:33 +0100

Stop using buzzwords like BT5 and BT4.2 if you want to speak about technical details. There is full feature set and even no device really supports them all they all can be certified under certain BT specification release because many features are optional! When features are mutually exclusive (such as radio frequencies or air-speeds = you cannot talk with two air-speeds at the time!) then these are usually rotated in time to reach all "compatible" devices, but that immediately means that e.g. discovery times or bandwidths may drop significantly. How exactly your fancy BT4.2 device broadcast (on which channels and at which air-speeds) and the same for BT5? Do you use sniffer to verify what packets are really sent and correlate it with packets detected by your observer (if it is Android phone or anything else).

When it comes to your last question again it makes little sense: only your stack vendor can tell you how to operate it. If you use Nordic Soft Device then the API documentation on Infocenter and release documents should answer all this (e.g. does your Soft Device version even support different air-speed for advertising?) If you use other device then Nordic based then we will hardly help you.

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