nrf_pwr_mgmt_run() required with DFU?

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asked 2018-01-12 21:44:42 +0100


I have a custom application and bootloader with DFU support. We have been able to download application updates using the DFU. Today I noticed that I am not calling nrf_pwr_mgmt_run() in the main loop. nrf_pwr_mgmt_init() is being called and a handler is registered. It appears that calling run is not required.

Is there something I am missing in regards to DFU operation?

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answered 2018-01-15 11:21:34 +0100

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updated 2018-01-15 18:30:13 +0100

If you don't call that, the CPU won't be put to sleep and you will waste a lot of power consumption. But if power consumption isn't a matter, then you can skip that function and let the CPU runs all the time.

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Ok, so this function has nothing to do with DFU operation. This function does provide other benefits such as CPU usage monitoring. The problem regarding the FPU power control can be avoided by changing the #define NRF_PWR_MGMT_CONFIG_FPU_SUPPORT_ENABLED to zero (0).

ajc ( 2018-01-15 18:34:07 +0100 )editconvert to answer

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