The function "sd_ble_gap_device_name_get()" returns the part of advertising name or doesn't return the name at all.

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asked 2018-01-14 09:38:15 +0100

Hi, everyone, I develop the project on N52832 chip when the chip "plays" central and peripheral roles together. During the running the program I need to check the advertising name by the function "sd_ble_gap_device_name_get()". But somtimes this function returns me a part of name or doesn't return the name at all. When I check the name currently advertised the name is correct. This hapens even when the advertising name was set byt the function "sd_ble_gap_device_name_set()" What can be the reson?

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Wich softdevice version are you using? What return value do you get when calling sd_ble_gap_device_name_get? Are you sure the supplied buffer length is big enough+

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