No GPIO wakeup from SYSTEM OFF state

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We have an nRF51822-based product that goes the SYSTEM OFF in certain situations. We wake up with the DETECT signal from a pin which we set to sensing just before calling sd_power_system_off() The code is really trivial:


#ifdef USE_UART
simple_uart_putstring((uint8_t*)"Good bye, blue sky!\r\n");


This always seems to work in "sunny day" cases. Unfortunately, we found a reproducible corner case for which the wake up does not work. In case we have a TRANSIENT short between the 3V3 power rail and GND (I know, it's bad. It happened temporarily for a mechanical issue), the following happens:

  • the nRF51 resets (cleanly, it seems)
  • the application starts executing, configures GPIOs, enters the main loop
  • the application decides to enter SYSTEM OFF, which triggers the code above

The nRF51 enters successfully SYSTEM OFF, but never wakes up again for WAKEUP_PIN. Is there some known situation where the wake up from DETECT could fail? We read the PANs (2.3 and 3.0) but did not find anything that could apply.

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answered 2015-01-28 16:32:20 +0100

The only reason for this not to work would be if the reset/short wasn't as clean as assumed and the configuration of the wakeup pins isn't set after the reset. So a couple of questions: 1: Are you able to re-produce the issue? 2: If yes above, are you sure that the pin configuration is done after the reset has occurred?

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