Preparing nRF5x mass production.

Hi everyone. I'm pleased to introduce MOBILIAN nRF5x mass production solution.

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When you finished development with nRF5x and decided production, how do you program your target device? There are several solutions that you can imagine.

  1. Manually contact SWD pin to target and program with nRFgostudio or something. --> The hardest choice
  2. Some will make a JIG and repeat above process. --> Each target should be programmed, so time consuming process
  3. If he/she is rich enough, so pre-program with Hi-Lo or Elnec. --> Breakdown reel and repackaging required, If something found bug, firmware update?

So I introduce you fast & cost effective HW/SW solution.

[Board specification]

  • 8 Programmable ports with ARM's Serial Wire Debug(SWD) interface
  • On-board SEGGER J-Link
  • Customizable status LEDs, Power/Program buttons
  • NORDIC nRF51422 xxAC development kit.

[Programmer specification]

  • Support nRF51 / nRF52
  • Automatically program, erase and test your target device with power on/off functionality.
  • Manage project-based configuration.
  • Displays program status, device information.

You can download product brochure

Also you can see You-tube video

Below is complete JIG example with our solution.

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We also service making a JIG, if provided PCB sample and gerber file for your convenience.

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