Open source project for live monitoring and troubleshooting of IoT systems and networks (now supports nRF52832)

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IoT systems are all about analytics from physical infrastructure and are expected to work accurately. After deploying an IoT system one must take care of supporting customers, assure SLA and run root cause analysis on production systems, with real life scenarios. Live monitoring of the entire network, devices and gateways is imperative for system management and control that can help you meet the IoT SLA challenge.

Jumper Insights was built just for that and so that you won’t have to build it yourself. Jumper Insights is a complete visibility solution for IoT systems that lets you:

  • Seamlessly send events such as battery level, sleep mode duration, reboots and errors from an embedded device.
  • Monitor the health of large-scale embedded systems and manage its operation.
  • Detect production issues in real time, and ahead of time.

Jumper Insights is built out of three components:

  1. Open source SDK that integrates into end devices.
  2. Open source service that integrates seamlessly into existing gateways.
  3. Cloud dashboard with a free forever basic plan.

Jumper Insights first release is out and supports an nRF52832 based IoT system with a Linux based gateway, communicating over BLE GATT.

To get you going with Jumper Insights visit our website and start with our nRF52832 sample app.

Want to take a look at our source code and contribute?

As this is a community project made to support embedded software developers I will be happy to hear your thoughts and get your feedback at -


  • Hi,

    There is no need for an SDK on the gateway side. Our service uses an HCI proxy which collects the logging data send over GATT and forwards all the other data to the HCI device your regular gateway program uses. All that your program has to do is connect to the GATT peripheral and discover characteristics. The gateway program will perform as usual and will not see any of the logging notifications.

    You can check out the source code for more information:

    Let me know if you have more questions.

  • How do I integrate the gateway service? Do you have an SDK?