Overflow in region 'UNPLACED SECTIONS' when porting from nrf52832 to nrf52833

Hi, I am trying to port a project I developed for a central device initially with the nRF52832 chip using the DK. I already succesfully ported the peripheral project and I tried replicating the steps also in this case, making sure that the memory segments were the same, since that was the main issue with the first porting.

However, now it's again giving an overflow issue of 'Unplaced sections' of around 55KB. The weird point is that I should have plenty of RAM and FLASH size with this chip to fit the entire project, since the 52833 has equal or more memory than the 52832. I tried to exclude some folders from the project, and it's then able to build without an overflow issue. In this case the RAM1 is filled only up to 16%, then if I include even a single folder back in the project (for example the None folder), it gives an overflow error.