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How to get stack trace without an IDE?


I am trying to debug the cause for NRF_FAULT_ID_APP_MEMACC in my project. the info varialbe is 0 and pc is 3B132. I need find the location in my code that is causing this hardfault. But, I use command line and Make utility to build my project and do not use an IDE. How do I debug this with the tools I have? How can I get the stack trace by using arm-gcc command line tools?

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  • Thank you! That link is helpful.

    I am trying to create the debugger setup on a linux machine. I use gcc toolchain and Make utility to build my project through command line. However, I noticed that my project does not generate .axf or .elf files. I can see the .map file getting generated. Is there a way to enable generation of .axf/.elf? I use SDK 16.0.0.

    [Please let me know if the above question needs to be asked as a separate thread.]