APPROTECT undefined

during the course of developing my code over a number of days I have not previously encountered the following error

...\nRF_DeviceFamilyPack\8.44.1\Device\Include\system_nrf52_approtect.h(55): error:  #20: identifier "NRF_APPROTECT" is undefined

I have no Idea what this could relate to as things seemed to build without issue previously, similarly i have not altered any system files.

Any Advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi,

    Which change did you do before this stopped working? Any changes in the project configuration in Keil, using a different device family pack version or similar? There must be some thing that changed as it worked before and at some point stopped working.

    Which SDK version are you using? I ask because the NRF_APPROTECT registers were introduced in revision 3 of the nRF52840, which is supported in nRF5 SDK 17.1.0, but not earlier nRF5 SDK versions. It seems there is a version mismatch here where this register is not defined, which would be the case for older MDK versions.