Retrieve the MCUboot version from the application


I have a project with b0 + MCUboot + App.

My partitions are like this:

b0_container: 0x0 -> 0x9000 (0x9000)
	b0: 0x0 -> 0x8000 (0x8000)
	provision: 0x8000 -> 0x9000 (0x1000)

s0: 0x9000 -> 0x19200 (0x10200)
	s0_pad: 0x9000 -> 0x9200 (0x200)
	s0_image: 0x9200 -> 0x19200 (0x10000)
		mcuboot: 0x9200 -> 0x19200 (0x10000)

EMPTY_0: 0x19200 -> 0x1a000 (0xe00)

s1: 0x1a000 -> 0x2a200 (0x10200)
	s1_pad: 0x1a000 -> 0x1a200 (0x200)
	s1_image: 0x1a200 - 0x2a200 (0x10000)

EMPTY_1: 0x2a200 -> 0x2b000 (0xe00)

mcuboot_primary: 0x2b000 -> 0xe0000 (0xB5000)
	mcuboot_pad: 0x2b000 -> 0x2b200 (0x200)
	mcuboot_primary_app: 0x2b200 -> 0xe0000 (0xb4e00)
		app_image: 0x2b200 -> 0xe0000 (0xb4e00)
			app: 0x2b200 -> 0xe0000 (0xb4e00)

mcuboot_secondary: 0xe0000 -> 0xf0000 (0x10000)

settings_storage: 0xf0000 -> 0x100000 (0x10000)

sram_primary: 0x20000000 -> 0x20040000 (0x40000)

In my application, how can I retrieve the version number of the bootloader (MCUboot) that is currently active?

Thank you