MPU FAULT ERROR on BLE GATT Write to NVS write function.

I am using the CMTMN33 module (nRF52833 based) (click here for datasheet) and Zephyr sdk-zephyr-2.1.99-ncs1.

I have implemented firmware to transmit BLE and when BLE is connected we can write BLE GATT characteristic and save it to NVS - non-volatile storage. I was using BE33 module earlier (nRF52833 based) with same code it was working but for CMTMN33 I am getting below error message.

<err> os: ***** MPU FAULT *****[0m
15:15:35.500 -> [00:00:37.288,391] [1;31m<err> os:   Stacking error (context area might be not valid)[0m
15:15:35.633 -> [00:00:37.288,391] [1;31m<err> os: r0/a1:  0xe392fee7  r1/a2:  0xc6bdd799  r2/a3:  0x384117fd[0m
15:15:35.765 -> [00:00:37.288,391] [1;31m<err> os: r3/a4:  0x56a7d699 r12/ip:  0x00000040 r14/lr:  0x00000000[0m
15:15:35.832 -> [00:00:37.288,421] [1;31m<err> os:  xpsr:  0x61000000[0m
15:15:35.832 -> [00:00:37.288,421] [1;31m<err> os: Faulting instruction address (r15/pc): 0x0001618c[0m
15:15:35.832 -> [00:00:37.288,421] [1;31m<err> os: >>> ZEPHYR FATAL ERROR 2: Stack overflow on CPU 0[0m
15:15:35.832 -> [00:00:37.288,452] [1;31m<err> os: Current thread: 0x20001c30 (BT RX)[0m
15:15:35.865 -> [00:00:37.748,992] [1;31m<err> os: Halting system[0m

Also I tried to search causes of above errror from this link I tried to set below in prj.conf file but still error persists.


Please help me.

Thanks in advance.


Neeraj Dhekale