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How can i control a rssi of the BL600 series ?


I am developing ble apps with the BL600.
I am coding a source file with the keil IDE. And this source is deployed to the nRF51 DK board through the nRFgo Studio.

Now, i am considering that i want to adjust the strength of rssi value.

First, i tried to use the 'sd_ble_gap_tx_power_set' method for it.
An argument of this method was 4.
And i built it and deployed it to the BL600.

But, a rssi did not become a stronger.
A rssi had shown about -80 dBm.

Next, i deployed the same code to the nRF51 DK board directly.
Then, i checked a rssi value, it had shown about -35 dBm.

My questions:

  • Can the 'sd_ble_gap_tx_power_set' method control a strenght of rssi on the BL600 ?
  • Is there other methods which be able to control it ?

I thank you for reading it through.

// yoshi

  • Hi Yoshi

    In the Laird BL600 module you can control if the VDD_PA pin is connected to the antenna circuit, this is done with a transistor and controlled through pin P0.20. Configure P0.20 as an output and set it low to connect the VDD_PA pin. If the VDD_PA is not connected the output power will be dramatically reduced (approx. 40dbm).

  • Try this instead:


    which should be equal to this:

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