Is it okay to develop nrf7002 without zephyr os?

Belows are that my development setup

sdk : sdk16

os : none

development tool : keil

To use the NRF7002, it is understood that the NRF CONNECT SDK must be used. However, upon inspecting the source files of the SDK, it was observed that the WIFI - NRF700x series files are referencing Zephyr.

1. In that case, to develop without Zephyr OS, it is likely necessary to use the nrfx library. Are there other methods available?

If developing directly using the nrfx library, would there be any issues with performance, such as MEMORY problems,
when implementing TCP communication and BLE communication with the NRF52840 + NRF7002 combination?
If there are examples of development using this approach, please provide them. Thank you.

2. Assuming the use of Zephyr OS, could there be performance and memory-related issues when implementing TCP communication and BLE communication on the NRF52840 + NRF7002 combination?