Can't build sample "telnet" for raspi_pico_w.

This may be a policy query rather that a technical issue.

Under VSCODE/nRFCONNECT extensions, I created a new project from samples, namely 'telnet'.

I created a build configuration for the nrf52840dk successfully; I even built it and flashed it to the nrf52840dk; it didn't work of course because there is no wlan or eth0 on that board.

I attempted to create a build configuration for the raspi_pico_w board; the build configuration failed with all kinds of error messages.

In addition i built this project under the Zephyr toolchain and for the rasp_pico_w without incident.

I would like to use the VSCODE/nRFCONNECT extensions environment to build projects for non Nordic boards like the raspberry pi variants as well as TI  and STM  boards.

So, my question is, am I facing a technical issue here, that possibly I can fix, or am I up against a sort policy issue concerning non Nordic products.

This is more of convenience issue for me because I can build for the non Nordic boards under the Zephyr toolchain/SDK.

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