Custom nRF52840 board works in debug mode only.


This is my first post and I'm not an expert of Zephyr & nRFs. I have a custom nRF52840 board which I am able to program and debug using nRF52840 DK. I am using Blinky example and is able to see GPIO turning HIGH only under following prj.conf:


If I set MCUBOOT=n then I am not able to debug my program. It goes into some infinite loop and never comes into the main. However, when I enable it then I am able to debug my program and able to blink.

But, this only works in debug mode and I have disabled DCDC in prj.conf.

I am unable to execute my program in normal mode.

I have powered the custom board through VDDH from VDD of my nRF52840 DK. I get 3V on VDDH and 1.6V on VDD of my custom board.

I saw somewhere that they were able to solve by using "nrf_power_dcdcen_set(NRF_POWER, false)"? Where can I implement this? Will it help?

Thanks for your help & guidance.