Fetching advertisement from NRF-AudioDK board in CIS application

We are currently evaluating the Audio-DK specifically in CIS mode.
We can play with the basic configuration of the example.
Now we are trying to replace the Gateway with a custom Gateway/Source (not using Nordic ICs) but we came to realize that we are not able to see the advertisement packets emitted by the RX EVKs.
We tried multiple devices but only the Nordic App on Android phone can scan the advertisement packets. Nothing else.
I thougth this would use a standard LE advertismeent packet type, simply with a different profile.

Question is then, how can we modify this example to be able to use another device LE Audio Ready as a source ?

  • Just a guess - can you try to restart Headset board with BTN 5 pressed during startup? It should clear existing bonds in the Audio application if it previously was paired with a Gateway. It is possible that your headset is advertising directed advertisement packets to a paired device, so you can't see these packets from another Gateway device.